BNB produces photography book, Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings

Nearly three years after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, photographer Joshua Touster has released Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings, his take on the bombings as a professional photographer and resident of Watertown, MA. Bridgeport National Bindery is the sole manufacturer of his new book.

"This book is a testament to a city, a region, and its residents who struggled to overcome the physical, emotional and psychological wounds that the bombings created - and what it took to begin to overcome them," said Touster.

A radio interview is also now available here, where you can find Joshua Touster discussing his experiences with, and perspectives on the bombings with WBUR, Boston. His hope is to "help place this book in thousands of Massachusetts public institutions and into the hands of those directly affected by the tragedy."

You may purchase the book and prints, as well as donate to the Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings project at these two sites: