Headband options

Headbands used to be an integral part of the sewing process, that tied off stitches at the top of a book block; and are now an excellent garnish to make your hardcover look complete.

BNB currently offers headbands in 10 combinations:

Black & White, Black & Gold, Blue & Gold, Blue & White, Burgundy & Gold, Green & Gold, Green & White, Red & Gold, Red & White, White.


BNB's standard endsheets typically match the color of the pages of the book, but endsheets can also be printed or specially decorated with marbled or colored paper.

Endsheet: a sheet of paper, often distinctively colored or ornamented, folded vertically once to form two leaves, one of which is pasted flat to the inside of the front or back cover of a book, with the other pasted to the inside edge of the first or last page to form a flyleaf.