BNB gets into the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Book Trees

The first attempt, 2012...

It all started three years ago with a small stack of books and a string of lights in our prepress department.

This year, BNB decided to up our game with a 5-foot Christmas Book Tree to celebrate the season.

Employees from several departments gathered books earmarked for recycling, and took time early in December to build a tree. Glue and creativity flowed freely as the small group added, subtracted and rearranged books into a pleasing (and structurally stable) shape.

Onlookers may have heard phrases like, "I'm not an engineer, but...." or "I think it's leaning forward, try this..." However, in general the tree building process went smoothly. 

After stringing a few twinkle lights, our BNB Christmas Book Tree was complete.  Of course, no tree is complete without a special tree topper - our own gigantic pine cone!

BNB 2015 Christmas Book Tree

BNB 2015 Christmas Book Tree

Accessorizing our large Book Tree are several folded book trees, sprinkled throughout the bindery.

Mini folded book trees on display in our front office

Mini folded book trees on display in our front office


Here are a few resources if you're looking to build similar book trees:

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