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Bridgeport National Bindery Partners with HP in Business Transformation

Michele Brennan, Vice President of Business Development and MarComm at Bridgeport National Bindery, talks with WhatTheyThink President Eric Vessels about the company's transformation from a library bindery to a printing company that also does binding, including the support from HP that has made it possible.

2016 W. A. Dwiggins Award presented to Michele Brennan

We are proud to share that BNB's Michele Brennan was presented with the William A. Dwiggins Award during Bookbuilders of Boston's 59th annual New England Book Show on May 3, 2016. This award honors Michele's exceptional contributions to the community as a highly skilled and accomplished publishing professional.  Congratulations Michele!

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"The Dwiggins Award honors the exceptional contribution of one person out of a community of highly skilled and active people. It is awarded to someone who exemplifies the ideals of Bookbuilders; has the highest personal standards of craftsmanship and devotion to his/her work; has demonstrated an interest in and service to the bookbuilding community; has given “something extra” to his/her job or to Bookbuilders in terms of talent, brilliance, integrity, devotion, or helpfulness to others; and compares favorably with previous Dwiggins Award recipients. Nominations are welcome from anyone and the selection is made by a small committee of past recipients."  William A. Dwiggins Award

Congratulations to Michele Brennan: 2016 William A. Dwiggins Award Recipient

We congratulate BNB's Michele Brennan on receiving the 2016 William A. Dwiggins award for her innumerable contributions to New England publishing and education.

Read more about Michele, and the Dwiggins award here.

Michele will be presented with the William A. Dwiggins Award at the 59th Annual New England Book Show on May 3, 2016.

One of the Ways BNB Streamlines POD Workflow

Celina McMahan, Digital Workflow Specialist, describes how HP SmartStream Production Center can manage files to save operator time and efficiency.

Two Sides Releases Survey of What Consumers Prefer - Paper or Screens

An interesting look into what consumers of content may prefer for various reasons. Some of the key findings included that 88% of the respondents indicate that they felt they retained more from reading on paper; and that 81% found that print media seemed more relaxing.

You can find this survey online at:

Two Sides is a global group of companies surrounding the printing and publishing industries whose goal is to promote "sustainability and attractiveness of the Graphic Communications Industry and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why Print and Paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium."

To view their website please use this link