BNB celebrates talented employees

Along with all the promise and potential that the New Year brings, BNB has been buzzing with excitement over our “New Year, New Break Room Art” redecorating project.  We are calling on BNB employees to showcase their talent for the visual arts – through paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, collage or any medium that can be scanned or photographed and printed for display in the break-room. 

For several years, faded framed book illustrations hung in the break-room, attracting dust and repelling inspiration.  Our goal is to personalize the atmosphere and bring a touch of beauty and life to the industrial gray factory atmosphere.  We are proud to have received so many beautiful submissions from our talented workplace family. 

BNB is recycling old frames for the new artwork, as well as building new ones by hand.  One talented BNB wood-worker is donating his time to constructing custom sized frames for our employee art.   Our Prepress department will scan paintings, resize digital photography, and even set up “photo shoots” of sculpture and pottery.  Our press operators will digitally print the final files for framing.

As the year progresses, we plan to rotate out the artwork if space becomes an issue. Otherwise, we look forward to as many submissions as our talented workforce can provide!