BNB to print and bind 60th Annual New England Book Show Catalog

The 60th Annual New England Book Show will be at Boston Symphony Hall on May 9th. The students at Emerson College under the direction of their Professor Lisa Dierks, have completed the designing of the book show catalog and files have been uploaded. It's beautiful, I just put my glasses down after reviewing the content and I am so impressed with how well they executed the entire book design. Bridgeport National Bindery offered to print and bind this year's catalog as well as the foil embossing. Personally, I cant wait to see it in tactile "book form" and I can't wait for you all to see as well. I would like to thank Crown Van Gelder for donating the paper and Neenah for donating cover material and end sheets. I love it when a plan comes together.

New England Book Show

BNB and FableVision Learning


Bridgeport has been given the opportunity to work with Fablevision Learning to produce their books for Get Published, a division that offers students the opportunity to write books as part of their curriculum in school. Published authors and illustrators Peter and Paul Reynolds of the Judy Moon Series, Ish , the Dot and Charley Eliot along with their sister Jane Reynolds are the great minds behind the launching of this new division.

BNB Advisor for Greater Lowell Technical School

BNB, as part of the Greater Lowell Regional Vocation Technical High School's "corporate wall."

BNB, as part of the Greater Lowell Regional Vocation Technical High School's "corporate wall."

BNB's own Michele Brennan sits on the Board of Advisors at the Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical School,  located in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. The board is comprised of professionals and executives who have all worked in the printing industry.

The board advises on future purchases for the school in the Graphic Design department, drawing on their varied backgrounds in printing. As an advisor, Bridgeport National Bindery is now part of their "corporate wall."

Bridgeport National Bindery Partners with HP in Business Transformation

Michele Brennan, Vice President of Business Development and MarComm at Bridgeport National Bindery, talks with WhatTheyThink President Eric Vessels about the company's transformation from a library bindery to a printing company that also does binding, including the support from HP that has made it possible.

BNB celebrates everyone's Un-Birthday!

Employees enjoyed marking their birthdays on a deconstructed calendar. 

Employees enjoyed marking their birthdays on a deconstructed calendar. 

On July 7, 2016, BNB held an "un-birthday" celebration for our work family.  Some may call it a flimsy excuse to eat cake and ice cream at 10am, but it was a welcomed treat for our hardworking employees during the thick of our busy summer season and shortened Independence Day work-week.

Special thanks to Sue and Tanya for prep, and Jim for being our resident ice cream scooping professional!

BNB produces commemorative biography "Charley Eliot and the Knights of the Woods" for Trustees of Reservations 125th Anniversary

Bridgeport National Bindery is honored to be selected by the Trustees of Reservations and FableVision (a Boston-based educational media company) to produce a book called Charley Eliot and the Knights of the Woods.  Peter and Paul Reynolds, best known for the Judy Moody series, created the commemorative biography to celebrate the Trustees' 125th Anniversary.

The Charley Eliot book is a small square hardcover, with a rich gold foil stamped evergreen cloth cover.  It is dust jacketed to feature the playful style of illustration within. Formatted as a children's book, it tells the story of the famous landscape architect Charles Eliot, who played a central role in shaping the Boston Metropolitan Park System.

Eliot, who died at the age of 37, the same year the First Boston Marathon was held, must have delighted in knowing that the scenic run included some of his best work. 


On May 21, the Trustees held an exciting and unique gala celebration to officially launch their 125th anniversary. Guests boarded vintage railway cars in Boston and journeyed to Appleton Farms in Hamilton & Ipswich, Massachusetts. A gift of Colonel Francis R. Appleton, Jr., and his wife Joan, Appleton Farms is one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the country, established and maintained by nine generations of the Appleton family.

Appleton Farms, at Ipswich, MA.

Appleton Farms, at Ipswich, MA.

At Appleton, guests walked through a century of Trustees' history through several entertaining experiences. Signature cocktails and a delicious formal dinner complemented the evening's once-in-a-lifetime commemorative celebration.


2016 W. A. Dwiggins Award presented to Michele Brennan

We are proud to share that BNB's Michele Brennan was presented with the William A. Dwiggins Award during Bookbuilders of Boston's 59th annual New England Book Show on May 3, 2016. This award honors Michele's exceptional contributions to the community as a highly skilled and accomplished publishing professional.  Congratulations Michele!

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"The Dwiggins Award honors the exceptional contribution of one person out of a community of highly skilled and active people. It is awarded to someone who exemplifies the ideals of Bookbuilders; has the highest personal standards of craftsmanship and devotion to his/her work; has demonstrated an interest in and service to the bookbuilding community; has given “something extra” to his/her job or to Bookbuilders in terms of talent, brilliance, integrity, devotion, or helpfulness to others; and compares favorably with previous Dwiggins Award recipients. Nominations are welcome from anyone and the selection is made by a small committee of past recipients."  William A. Dwiggins Award

Discussing the "Right Fit" with HP users: Toner vs. Inkjet

Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends moderated a conference session at Dscoop 2016 in San Antonio called "Finding the Right Application Fit". Panelist Michele Brennan of Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc. and other users of HP Indigos and HP Inkjet Presses produce books for publishers.

Brennan weighs in on how Bridgeport assists publishers in determining the advantages of both technologies. 

Congratulations to Michele Brennan: 2016 William A. Dwiggins Award Recipient

We congratulate BNB's Michele Brennan on receiving the 2016 William A. Dwiggins award for her innumerable contributions to New England publishing and education.

Read more about Michele, and the Dwiggins award here.

Michele will be presented with the William A. Dwiggins Award at the 59th Annual New England Book Show on May 3, 2016.

BNB produces photography book, Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings

Nearly three years after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, photographer Joshua Touster has released Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings, his take on the bombings as a professional photographer and resident of Watertown, MA. Bridgeport National Bindery is the sole manufacturer of his new book.

"This book is a testament to a city, a region, and its residents who struggled to overcome the physical, emotional and psychological wounds that the bombings created - and what it took to begin to overcome them," said Touster.

A radio interview is also now available here, where you can find Joshua Touster discussing his experiences with, and perspectives on the bombings with WBUR, Boston. His hope is to "help place this book in thousands of Massachusetts public institutions and into the hands of those directly affected by the tragedy."

You may purchase the book and prints, as well as donate to the Aftermath: The Boston Marathon Bombings project at these two sites: