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Bridgeport National Bindery prides itself on having an excellent selection of book-making materials on hand to suit even the most discerning of needs. Below, you will find stocked selections of bookcloth, buckram, endsheets, headbands as well as other materials that are available. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 800.223.5083.

Buckram Cloth Options

Buckram is a reinforced cloth product that meets the durability standards set out by the ANSI/NISO Library Binding Specifications. This cloth material is designed to protect heavy-use books and produce a virtually indestructible package. It is moisture resistant, and easily stamped with our stock foils (white, gold, and black).

BNB currently offers this cloth type in 15 colors:

Black 990, Brown 860, Country Blue 563, Dark Gray 943, Dark Green 490, Dark Red 188, Gold 370, Lime Green 478, Maroon 192, Navy 598, Orange 290, Plum 630, Red 182, Royal Blue 588, Tan 798.

B-Cloth options

B-Cloth is a tried-and-true book cover material offering ease of use in the bindery with the durability and beauty of a cloth cover. Arrestox decorates well with stamping foil or screen printing and is a great choice for photo books, yearbooks, hospitality 3-ring binders, and luxury packaging. 

BNB currently offers this cloth type in 9 colors:

Navy 486, Sea Depth 440, Field Green 515, Slate Gray 145, Black 199, Praline 110, Hickory 315, Mixed Berry 642, Chili Pepper 632.

Headband options

Headbands used to be an integral part of the sewing process, that tied off stitches at the top of a book block; and are now an excellent garnish to make your hardcover look complete.

BNB currently offers headbands in 10 combinations:

Black & White, Black & Gold, Blue & Gold, Blue & White, Burgundy & Gold, Green & Gold, Green & White, Red & Gold, Red & White, White.

stamping foil

BNB currently offers stamping foil in 3 colors:

Gold, Black & White.

cover lamination

Laminate is the finish which gives the book protection from the world around it. Gloss laminate is vibrant with high-sheen and is durable - it repels dust, dirt and fingerprints.  Matte laminate is less reflective, giving a more natural look to cover art and it absorbs more small scratches and scuffs.

BNB currently offers gloss and matte lamination options for paperbacks, pre-printed case covers, and dust jackets.

paper stocks

BNB offers several paper stock options to suit your printing needs.  For more information about which stocks are available for your printing project, please contact us at 800.223.5083 or

Standard Paper

50 lb. White Uncoated
(526 ppi)

50 lb. Cream Uncoated
(500 ppi)

60 lb. White Uncoated
(434 ppi)

60 lb. Cream Uncoated
(444 ppi)

60 lb. Matte Coated
(571 ppi)

Premium Paper

70 lb. Color Copy
(500 ppi)

80 lb. White Matte
(488 ppi)

100 lb. White Gloss
(386 ppi)

100 lb. White Dull
(378 ppi)

60 lb. Gloss Coated
(740 ppi)


*ppi = pages per inch, or the number of pages in a stack of paper 1" thick.